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Super Bowl and the NHL Winter Classic

Posted on: January 3, 2010 12:05 pm
I had the distinguished pleasure of attending the final Giants game played in Giants Stadium last weekend.  For those of you who do not follow football, the Giants lost this game to the Carolina Panthers 41 to 9.  A blow out.  Although I was disappointed by the outcome of the game, I feel most fortunate to have been a part of a game that is now a peice of the New York Giants storied history.  I do not have season tickets or even go to that many games.  My last Giants game was another well known game in 2005.  It was a home game for the New Orleans Saints.  Hurricane Katrina had ravaged the south and the New York Football Giants were gracious enough to host the game at Giants Stadium as part of a season opening Monday night double header.  I can proudly say that I was there to witness history, good and bad.

The new stadium opens next year and there have been mulitple reports by the local papers that the "New" Giants Stadium has an open bid for a Superbowl in the year 2014.  As a resident of the state that has been the host of the Jets and the Giants for my entire lifetime, I can easily tell you I want this game.  New Jersey has a bad reputation from the rest of the country.  The smelly industrially landscaped swamps of the Meadowlands is a poor representative of a state that is known as the "Garden State."   It is not irony that forms this idea. 

When the new stadium opens new memories will be formed and forged into the foundation of the new building.  A Superbowl would be a great start.  I, however, am a greedy person.  I want more.   I say why not make 2014 a year for firsts.  The NHL just hosted the anual Winter Classic in Boston.  This game has become very popular.  There have been rumors of the Rangers hosting a Classic at Yankees Stadium since before New Yankees Stadium was built.  If I were in charge of giants stadium I would not allow that to happen.   Call the NHL and get the Winter Classic at the New Giants Stadium.  It could be billled as the battle for home field.  The New York Rangers versus The New Jersey Devils.  This rivalry begs for a shot at a Winter Classic.  The Devils would be home in New Jersey but the Rangers would be playing in the home of not one, but two New York teams.

I may just be dreaming at all aspects of these scenarios.  Would the NFL really break the rules and allow an open air stadium to host the greatest game of the year in a cold weather climate?  (As I write this the temperature is 17 degrees)  Would the Giants and Jets allow the NHL to take center stage in their stadium in the middle of their own regular seasons?  Is the rivalry between the Devils and Rangers "Classic" enough?  I could answer all of these questions, but I'm not the one in charge.  I just want a shot at going to a few more games that are more special than most.
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